Mandom booked 10% growth

PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk reported increasing 10.4% sales in the first half 2011 from Rp 726.35 billion to Rp 802.00 billion, contributed by the sales of it most popular products: Pixy and Gatsby.

During the first semester of this year, Pixy recorded 27.6% of sales growth from Rp 187.60 billion to Rp 239.30 billion. The other focus brand, Gatsby, grew by 4.5% from Rp 272.54 billion to Rp 284.90 billion. “The accumulated growth of both products contributed 65.4% to total sales,” said Takeshi Hibi, President Director of Mandom Indonesia, in it press release today.

Domestic sales grew by 10.2% to Rp 591.78 billion from Rp 536.94 billion in the previous year. Whilst, amid the strong Rupiah, export sales managed to grew by 11.0% to Rp 210.22 billion from Rp 189.40 billion.

In line with sales growth, cost of goods sold increased by 9.2% from Rp 464.64 billion to Rp 507.49 billion. Gross profit grew by 12.5% from Rp 261.70 billion to Rp 294.51 billion. Operating income grew by 5.9% from Rp 90.29 billion to Rp 95.59 billion and net income grew by 4.8% from Rp 68.74 billion to Rp 72.05 billion. Earning per share was recorded grew from Rp 342 per share to Rp 358 per share.

Based on segments, sales of skin care and makeup products gave the biggest contribution of 39.0% while sales of hair care products ranked the second with contribution of 34.4%. Sales of skin care and makeup products grew by 27.8% from Rp 244.69 billion to Rp 312.64 billion. Sales of hair care products recorded growth of 6.3% from Rp 259.89 billion to Rp 276.23 billion.

Mandom Indonesia which started its commercial production in 1971 marks the 40th year of its existence in Indonesia. During the period, Mandom Indonesia has grown from producing the Tancho products only to variety of products devoted to both men’s and women’s market. This year, Mandom Indonesia is entering into the Third Stage of the 3-Year Middle Range Management Planning, which targeting Rp 2 trillion sales by the end of MID-3 period.

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