Morning Hope

After one couple experienced lupus firsthand, they started the Syamsi Dhuha Foundation to fight the disease.

For Dian Syarief, it started as a simple skin rash in 1999. Soon thereafter her red blood cell level dropped to 10% of normal levels. A test confirmed the worse: she had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, one of the three kinds of lupus. She was 33 at the time. Despite many drugs and surgeries, Dian remains badly affected by the disease. She has only 5% normal vision and her hearing is also impaired. Due to her drug therapies, she can easily catch other illnesses. She was forced to quit her job as a public relations manager at Bank Bali in 2000 as well. Continue reading


Jangan ingat pekerjaan

Dalam sehari bisa lebih dari sekali saya berjumpa dengannya di ruangan dengan tiga bilik itu. Saya dan Fitri Faelani bekerja di gedung yang sama. Tetapi kami punya profesi yang berbeda.

Gadis kelahiran Purwokerto yang baru genap berumur 22 tahun pada bulan lalu ini sebenarnya lebih suka dipanggil Lani. Nama panggilan yang lazim digunakan oleh keluarga dan teman dekat. Continue reading

Indonesia’s Newest Billionaire –

Indonesia’s Newest Billionaire –

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Built To Last

(This is the another version of Lasting Value, a story about The Hamami family, with additional data from Forbes Indonesia Richest List 2011 and update on ABM Investama plan to become publicly listed company).

The Hamami family. L-R: Mivida, Muki, Met, and Bari. (Photo courtesy of Tiara Marga Trakindo)

Rachmat Mulyana Hamami has just arrived in his working room that morning, June 14. The two-storey high ceilings room is located in the penthouse floor of TMT 1, family owned new office building, which was expanded and completed in 2009. His family business Trakindo is based in Cilandak, a marine compound, build since early 1970s merely because Jakarta’s Governor Ali Sadikin asked his father to build a factory in the area. At the time, he pictures the place as in the middle of nowhere. It takes five years for the company to create lives in its surrounding. Before that happen it provide buses to pick-up their employees. Now the place is crowded. Some of the energy related companies are also there. Continue reading

Lasting Value

The Hamami family is on a quest to construct a business group to survive for generations.

Rachmat Mulyana Hamami

Rachmat Mulyana “Muki” Hamami.  © Ahmad Zamroni/Forbes Indonesia

The ultra-modern Trakindo building in Cilandak looks like one that should be in the central business district rather than a suburb of Jakarta. Yet its location is significant. It was here in Cilandak that the Hamami family’s business PT Tiara Marga Trakindo (TMT) has been located since 1971. That longevity, and respect for tradition, is a testament to the guiding philosophy of the family and its business interests. Continue reading