Pendekatan Nanoteknologi ala Mochtar Riady

Perkembangan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi membawa masyarakat dunia menjadi masyarakat informasi. Pernyataan itu mengartikan mereka yang menguasai informasi adalah mereka yang menguasai dunia. Berkaitan dengan itu, kompetisi pada era ekonomi baru ini akan berpihak pada mereka yang unggul dalam penguasaan teknologi dan ilmu ekonomi berbasis pengetahuan. Continue reading

Share Experiences

Brazil and Indonesia share many traits. Brazilian Ambassador Paulo Soares believes Brazil and Indonesia can help each other to develop and trade.

Paulo Alberto da Silveira Soares became the Brazil ambassador to Indonesia in July last year, after serving a similar post in Singapore. He is also designatedas ambassador to ASEAN. In many forums, he has reiterated how similar Brazil and Indonesia are in many areas. Both are emerging countries, the world’s number one and third coffee producer, are homes to the biggest and the second biggest forest areas in the world, both used to be a debtor and are now creditors to the IMF—and both places are crazy about football. He believes the two countries should intensify their relationship, not only in trade but also in areas such as technology, food security, energy and environmental protection. He feels the two countries could gain mutual benefits from expanding their relationship. Soares, 64, talked to Forbes Indonesia in the Brazilian Embassy, which is decorated with stunning photographs of his home country. Continue reading

Learn, Earn, Return

Still only 20, Iman Usman has already started two companies, runs a national youth organization and met Vice President Boediono. He’s got plenty more to do.

At the age of 10 Iman Usman set up a free library for underprivileged kids in his hometown in Padang. Photo by Ahmad Zamroni

Muhamad Iman Usman appears to just another University of Indonesia student, wearing a t-shirt and a backpack. Yet he is far from an ordinary student. Still only 20, Iman has already started two companies, been invited to meet Vice President Boediono, won an award from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and given advice to billionaire Putera Sampoerna. He has traveled to Toronto to attend the G20 meeting, and also China and Japan for other events. Three years ago he co-founded the NGO Indonesia Future Leaders with five friends that now has offices in six cities, 600 volunteer staff, 7,000 followers on Twitter and 9,100 supporters on Facebook. Continue reading

Heavyweight Champion

Despite sharing the market with two rivals, Hexindo continues to expand and grow, especially in the niche of large heavy equipment.

By Luis Lady Indez Dominique and Pudji Lestari

The heavy equipment market in Indonesia has long been a three-way battle between a trio of heavyweight companies—the market leader PT United Tractor, owned by Astra International, number two PT Trakindo Utama, owned by billionaire Achmad Hamami, and number three PT Hexindo Adiperkasa, owned by Japan’s Hitachi. Continue reading

Taking The High Road

The rise of Astra International shows that being a good corporate citizen also makes excellent business sense.

“There is no superman at Astra. We value super teams more than supermen,” says Prijono Sugiarto, president director of PT Astra International. Photos by Ahmad Zamroni

When Prijono Sugiarto, president director of PT Astra International, hands out his card, on the back, in black small letters, it reads “printed on recycled paper.” One of the many differences, some small and some large, that set Astra apart—be it recycled paper for business cards or building dozens of schools in rural communities. As the largest private company in the country by several measures—largest market capitalization, largest profits, largest revenues outside the state firms—Astra is living proof that being a good company doesn’t mean one can’t also be profitable. Continue reading