Stores of Tycoons

Djoko Susanto. Photo by Ahmad Zamroni

Djoko Susanto through PT Midi Utama Indonesia is ready to compete with 7-Eleven by bringing Lawson and open 50 convenience stores per year starting this month. Continue reading


Triple Play Approach

UBS Country Head Rajiv Louis has some clear views on how to invest in a cloudy global market.

After great numbers last year—a stock market up 46% on an economy that expanded 6%, Indonesia is once again facing volatility and uncertainty. The stock market is down some 3% since January 1, while unrest in the Middle East has driven oil prices up over $100 (despite being an oil producer, Indonesia is a net importer). Adding to the uncertainty is the fallout—literally and figuratively—from Japan’s terrible earthquake and tsunami. Continue reading

Growing Minimarts

Alfamart went from one to nearly 5,000 stores in just over a decade, and it’s not slowing down.

Djoko posing near the cash register at Alfamart outlet in Meruya, West Jakarta. Photo by Ahmad Zamroni.

Alfamart may specialize in minimarts but there’s nothing mini about the business. Targeted at the low to middle classes, the chain has blossomed from one store in 1999 to 4,863 outlets across the islands of Java, Makassar, Bali and Lampung, as of February 16. Parent company PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya should book Rp 18 trillion of revenues this year, up from Rp 14.5 trillion in 2010, with profit projected to grow to Rp 400 billion from Rp 250 billion, according founder Djoko Susanto, who is president commissioner. Continue reading