Right Time to Grow

Tjipto Widodo, president commissioner of BW Plantations, boasts a profit margin of 31%.  ©Ahmad Zamroni/Forbes Indonesia

Despite being a small player in the palm oil industry, BW Plantation has gained investor interest as a quality company with strong growth prospects.

Rats are a common problem for plantation companies, hurting the trees. Most use traps or poison to eliminate them. PT BW Plantation instead uses owls to keep rats at bay. It’s a small but telling example of how BW Plantation sets itself apart from other plantation companies. It’s also different in another way: size. Continue reading

Hankook’s new investment plan

Hankook Tire Co Ltd, the biggest tire producer in Korea and seventh largest in the world, are planning to build a tire factory in Indonesia and invest total US$1.1 billion in seven years to 2018. Hyun Bum Cho, executive vice president of Hankook, says the company wants to build a new manufacturing plant in Bekasi, West Java. This expansion will help the company to become the fifth largest tire company in the world.

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