Taking The High Road

The rise of Astra International shows that being a good corporate citizen also makes excellent business sense.

“There is no superman at Astra. We value super teams more than supermen,” says Prijono Sugiarto, president director of PT Astra International. Photos by Ahmad Zamroni

When Prijono Sugiarto, president director of PT Astra International, hands out his card, on the back, in black small letters, it reads “printed on recycled paper.” One of the many differences, some small and some large, that set Astra apart—be it recycled paper for business cards or building dozens of schools in rural communities. As the largest private company in the country by several measures—largest market capitalization, largest profits, largest revenues outside the state firms—Astra is living proof that being a good company doesn’t mean one can’t also be profitable. Continue reading


Triple Play Approach

UBS Country Head Rajiv Louis has some clear views on how to invest in a cloudy global market.

After great numbers last year—a stock market up 46% on an economy that expanded 6%, Indonesia is once again facing volatility and uncertainty. The stock market is down some 3% since January 1, while unrest in the Middle East has driven oil prices up over $100 (despite being an oil producer, Indonesia is a net importer). Adding to the uncertainty is the fallout—literally and figuratively—from Japan’s terrible earthquake and tsunami. Continue reading